Guaranteed allocation and advanced security mechanisms make the Oreo Launchpad an ideal solution for your next token launch.

Ore Launchpad for DeFi Projects

The Oreo Launchpad allows the launch of tokens into multiple chains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and more). As a result, it enables easy integration into crypto exchanges and the wider DeFi ecosystem.Through the launchpad platform and Oreo’s presence, DeFi projects get exposure to the crypto community. Consequently, they gain traction among a huge number of participants.

What are the unique features for launchpad projects?

  • Easy participation for stakers with no gas wars and guaranteed allocations.
  • Oreo combines the security provided by our proprietary SmartLock technology as well as global awareness by assisting with marketing activities and connecting projects to prominent crypto influencers.
  • The Oreo vetting team carefully evaluates and selects eligible projects. Therefore, this aspect solves the paradox of choice and fears of participating in scams and low-quality tokens.
  • The transparency of the projects’ vesting schedule greatly reduces the possibility of token dumps and rug-pulls which may negatively affect the token price.
Last modified 10mo ago