The Oreo Launchpad is a fair platform for conducting IDOs for projects.

Allocation NFT Holder

The Allocation Staking contract is long-running and manages all state related to users' allocations. NFT holders get allocation by holding a NFT. This way, every user that wants to participate will be guaranteed an allocation via staking. This avoids problems like IDO bots that frontrun fair participants who want to buy into an IDO. Holder can buy by Oreo token with many discounts.

Allocation Sale Public

The allocation sale is the first stage in our IDO process for selling a token. All project tokens will first be available through the allocation sale, offering everyone the fairest chance at obtaining guaranteed stake in the sale. The Allocation Sale contract is a contract for conducting fair, one-off, fixed-price sales where users have guaranteed allocations managed by the Allocation Staking contract. The allocation sale contract is configurable to a variety of sales. It is possible to set up sales with whitelists, sales with minimum purchase amounts, and "giveaways", where the cost of the sale asset is 0 (used with a maximum redemption amount and a whitelist).
Last modified 10mo ago